What are the traditional foods of Mexico

Mexico is known for its spectacular scenic beauty and exquisite delicacy. What makes Mexico a must-visit at least once in a lifetime is its world-class cuisine. The dishes like tacos, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas automatically come to our mind when we talk about Mexican delicious and mouth-watering food. So, if you’re looking for the endless feisty varieties of ethnic Mexican food, we’ve got you covered.

mexican food

  1. Chilaquiles- Chilaquiles is a typical Mexican dish consisting of lightly fried corn tortillas cut in quarters and garnished with green or red salsa. Chilaquiles dish is often served with a super-healthy element of frijoles or refried beans. The food is usually complemented with scrambled eggs, beef, and guacamole. To infuse the dish with more addictive flavors, people prefer eating this dish by pouring green or red salsa over the crisp tortilla triangles.
  2. Tacos el pastor- This dish explores the real spices of Mexican flavor. This dish consists of crispy fried corn tortilla stuffed with cumin-spiced potatoes. Based on the sheep shawarma, which was introduced by Lebanese immigrants to the Mexican people, al pastor splashes a flavor palate that perfectly blends traditional Middle Eastern flavors with those indigenous to central Mexico.
  3. Pozole- This wholesome and festive Mexican dish is served in the form of a traditional soup or stew. The dish is customarily stewed for hours, sometimes overnight, and is prepared from hominy corn with lots of herbs and flavors. Finally, the dish is garnished with lettuce, radish, onion, lime along with some chili are sprinkled over the top.More specifically, it is seasoned with chili pepper, avocado, salsa, and lime.
  4. Enchiladas- Though enchiladas originated from Mexico, it’s tempting flavor and taste took no time to rule on the other countries’ menu. The enchilada is traditionally a tortilla made from corn, stuffed with a huge variety of meats, cheese, beans, and vegetables in different combinations. After that, the tortilla is tucked together and is typically covered in typical mole sauce. Enchiladas can be eaten alone or with rice or beans as a side dish.
  5. Chiles en nogada- Reflecting the tricolors of the Mexican national flag, chiles en nogada is one of Mexico’s most famous traditional Mexican dishes. The green color of the flag is highlighted by the Poblano chilies filled with picadillo, which is a blend of chopped meat, natural products, and flavors. The walnut-based cream sauce represents white color pomegranate seeds represent red color. 


Why is Mexican food the best?

One of the many reasons why Mexican food is well-admired is because it presents its diverse delicacy that suits the taste of indigenous inhabitants of different nations. Its vibrancy, authenticity, ethnicity, and flavorsome taste rule over the world. People cherish it for the perfect hot-spicy taste it is known for. People who prefer the dish to treat their taste buds with as much delectable flavoring as possible, there are numerous dishes you can discover on Mexican menu to satisfy that craving for flavor.


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