The urinator kit: Keep urine warm for the test

Many people are spending hundreds of dollars on buying fake pee or synthetic pee for the drug test. They get disappointed with the result that they get after spending the money. The labs are so advanced that they can easily spot fake urine. You may end up losing your job when you fail to pass the drug test. In today’s scenario, losing a job is a complete nightmare.
Synthetic urine fails to match the temperature of actual urine. Lab checks the temperature of a urine sample, and if your sample does not comply with urine temperature, they might fail you in a drug test.
The products like urinator kit can help you to maintain the temperature of urine for atleast four hours. One set of batteries can maintain the temperate of urine for four hours. Many urine warmer kits are available in the market, but none of them beat the urinator’s quality.

The urinator
Since 1998, The urinator is a reliable and reusable kit that helps you achieve urine temperature.
You may think the urinator is a full-size bag, but you’re mistaken. Urinator is of the size of a chequebook that you can easily hide in your pant. Its completly upto you where you want to hide the urinator. The safest place to hide urinator is to put it in between your leg.
The urinator kit includes Duracell batteries that will keep the urine warm. There is no thumb rule that you have to use Duracell batteries. You can use any other batteries. It will take 10 to 15 min for the urinator to warm the pee for atleast four hours. It is very rare to fail the test when you use a urinator kit and powdered urine. You may think of spending money on urine when you can use someone else urine for the test. You can use your friend’s urine for the test but make sure that your friend doesn’t have any genetic defect or medical issues.
The best option is to use real powdered urine for the test. For the test, you need clean, toxin-free urine, and it should have the right temperature.

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